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Children are kept safe by quality services which help kids and families where they need it. Fams makes this possible by advocating for better public policy, advising how to achieve sustainable and measurable outcomes and acting to help vulnerable children, young people, families and communities.

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Investing in Children

Following the release of the Investing in Children and their Families paper in June 2018, Fams has continued discussions with NSW elected representatives, FACS, family and children’s services providers across the state. Through this consultation, we have developed a clear series of steps that the government must take to ensure genuine and long-lasting reform of the sector working to keep children, young people and families safe.

Outcomes Measurement

Outcome measurement is used to measure the success of a system, program, activity or event. It enables organisations to demonstrate the work that they do with their consumers (clients, service users, children, and families). When thinking about outcomes measurement it is important that you consider what is it that will tell you whether or not that outcome has either been achieved or how your organisation is performing in relation to achieving it.


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