‘In Conversation With’ Series

In response to the pandemic, Fams hosted a weekly online “In Conversation With…” forum.

These sessions sought to connect executives, board members and front-line workers with subject matter experts on topics relevant to the breadth of their community service.

Due to overwhelming uptake by the sector, these have now transitioned to a regular fixture on the Fams calendar.

Tuesday 7 June (rescheduled from May)

Jain Moralee
Twenty10 Co-Executive Director


  • Current issues, challenges and barriers faced by LGBTIQA+ children and young people
  • Hear advice on how to talk to clients, ask them appropriate questions and enable services to provide the best supports possible

Tuesday 5 July

Brad Morgan
Emerging Minds Director


  • Advice on preventing or intervening early in the progression of children’s mental health difficulties to create a solid foundation for health outcomes later in life
  • Learn how to build and support a range of practices and attitudes aiming to keep child mental health in mind