Fams delivered two Telepractice Zoom workshops in November and December to connect you with information, templates and resources to support your telepractice work.

A recording of our workshop will be up on our website in coming weeks.

You can find the PowerPoint for those sessions and other resources and links on our website.

To support the implementation of this work, Fams will be holding fortnightly Zoom conversations to gather a Community of Practice (CoP) around this topic. The CoP will commence on 14 December, 1:00 – 3:00pm and continue through to the end of March (no meeting on 28 December) to give participants time to formulate how they’d like the Fams team to support the group ongoing.

You can find the Zoom link on our Events page.

These sessions will be informal in the beginning as we find out where people are at on their telepractice journey.