In Conversation With… Bobbie Trower about Supporting LGBTIQA+ Young People

13 January 2022

Supporting LGBTIQA+ young people will be the topic of discussion at Fams’ first In Conversation With… for 2022.

Special guest Bobbie Trower, Senior Manager of Advocacy at YWCA, will be discussing the current issues, challenges and barriers faced by LGBTIQA+ children and young people.

This Zoom event will be held on Tuesday 1 February from 1.00-2.00pm.

This will be a space for organisations in the Fams network to receive advice on how to talk to their clients, ask appropriate questions, and provide the most relevant supports possible.

Bobbie has worked in Advocacy and Development roles for almost eight years with the YWCA. Prior to that they worked as Policy Manager for Domestic Violence NSW. Earlier, they were the Youth Sector Support Manager at Youth Action NSW.

Bobbie is an intersectional feminist leader dedicated to furthering gender equality.

Save the Date: Playgroup NSW CEO Nadene Lee will be the special guest at Fams’ next In Conversation with… on 1 March.

More information, including the Zoom links, can be found here.