It Takes A Village

Everyone has a role to play

Covid-19 has temporarily changed our way of life.

But it does not change our responsibility to keep children and young people safe.

The economic upheaval caused by Covid-19 has major, long-lasting disruptions that are leading to pressure cooker situations in homes across NSW, threatening the safety of children.

Even as NSW moves out of lockdown, more families are facing combinations of financial hardship, unemployment, housing and rental uncertainty, alongside increased gambling and alcohol intake.

The saying goes that “It takes a village to raise a child” and never has that been more true than right now.

The village that raises our children and protects our children now needs to be extended to everyone.

Whether it is making that difficult phone call, checking in with your neighbour or signing up to become a foster carer, it is our responsibility to step up and take action.

We’re all in this together, so ask for help if you need it, or if you see a friend who is not coping, reach out and offer to find some support.

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