Fams Network

We help our network:

  • Make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families and children
  • Operate as well-governed and well-managed organisations
  • Maintain and acquire the resources they need


    We do this by:

    • Regularly updating members with news and events
    • Being aware of the evidence base that supports and informs the work
    • Being involved in strategies and forums that inform and influence government, funders and the sector
    • Advocacy and policy advice on systemic issues impacting vulnerable children, families and communities
    • Collecting data that supports our priorities, and reviewing the effectiveness of our work. In doing this we always ask “How much did we do?”, “How well did we do it?” and “Is anybody better off?”.
    • Providing leadership opportunities for members to participate with sector leaders and contribute to Fams future directions

    The Fams Network will be available free to all TEI funded services who align with Fams’ values and will enable participants to access all our electronic materials and receive newsletter and regular updates.

    For organisations and individuals who would like the opportunity to vote at the AGM, become a member of the Board and participate in the strategic direction of Fams, a new membership option will be set up.  More information on this will follow in the next financial year

    Please select the appropriate type from the options below:

    Category 1

    Annual Income: Over $1 Million

    Membership Period: From 1st July 2019 to 30th Jun 2020

    Cost: $500 (GST exclusive)

    Category 2

    Annual Income: $0 – $1 Million

    Membership Period: From 1st July 2019 to 30th Jun 2020

    Cost: $250 (GST exclusive)