NSW government announces move to curb impact of fines on youth and First Nations people

10 June 2021

The NSW government has launched a new Community Action Plan designed to reduce the impact of fines debt.

In a statement, the government said this plan would ensure that vulnerable youth and First Nations people are not unfairly impacted by the fines system.

The Community Action Plan is described as “a tool used to design a coordinated approach to reducing fines debt and tackling fines debt in the community”.

Fams CEO Julie Hourigan Ruse said it was a much-needed initiative.

Fines debt can be crippling and the start of a spiral into poverty and secondary offending,” she said.

“Any initiative the community sector can get behind to break the cycle of entrenched disadvantaged caused by fines debt has to be worth a shot.”

The plan is available for any community organisation or individual to download and use, including:

  • Community services
  • Local organisations such as councils and NGOs
  • Outreach officers
  • Any other local leader or group wanting to coordinate an approach to tackling fines debt and reducing fines in their community.

Who it’s for:

  • NSW communities.
  • First Nations communities and services.
  • Community organisations.

For more information and to request specific data about your community to inform the development of your plan contact outreach@revenue.nsw.gov.au.

Download the Community Action Plan PDF, 3043.74 KB.