Activity Mapping

Documents required to complete Activity Mapping

Activity Mapping

Activity Mapping user Guide

Building on Strengths

A systems-focused training resource for community based family workers

Building on Strengths

Child Protection Inquiry

Fams submission to the Child Protection Inquiry

Child Protection Enquiry

Creating A Gap

Fams submission 

Creating A Gap

Family Support

Strengthening families, strengthening communities 

Strengthening Families

Happy, Healthy, Safe

Will the CSGP reforms make a difference to children in NSW?

Happy, Healthy, Safe

Human Rights Commission

Submission to Human Rights Commission

Human Rights Commission

Play Power

The Play Power Parent Workshop Package has been developed to support professionals in their work with families and young children

Play Power: 0-1 Years

Play Power: 1-3 Years

Principles in Practice (PIP)

Principles in Practice is the Family Support approach to Family Work and describes the work practice that reflects the nine principles endorsed by members of NSW Family Services Inc

PIP: Manual

PIP Guide: Section 3

PIP Guide: Section 1-2

PIP Guide: Section 4-5

Program Logics

Fams have completed one Program Logic or each of the five TEI funded service options using the FACSIAR template.

We have included an additional column to identify how each service option aligns with DEX.

We have also completed two activity-specific Program Logics as examples

Blank Program Logic

Option 2

Option 4

Parenting Program

TEI Program Logic

Option 1

Option 3

Option 5

Supported Playgroup

Promoting Family Wellbeing

Resource kit developed to strengthen the linkages between child care services and family support services with the aim of improving outcomes for the health and wellbeing of children and their families

Resource Kit

Sensible Data Discussion Paper

This discussion paper focuses on data collection issues from one Peak’s perspective – NSW Family Services. 

However, many of the issues identified are similar for government departments such as FACS, service providers and other Peaks

Discussion Paper

Strengthening Families

Facts & figures about family support services in NSW: 1988-1998

Strengthening Families

The Role of Family Support Services in Keeping Children Safe

Response to the report of the Inquiry Into Child Protective Services headed by the Hon. Justice Woods  during 2007/2008 and the Government tabled response: “Keep Them Sage: A Shared Approach to Wellbeing”

The Role of FSS

The UPS Parenting Catalogue

Parenting pictorial catalogues – The Job of Parenting


UPS User Guide

UPS Catalogue

Working With Families in Their Communities

A training kit in community development

Working With Families