Standards of Excellence

NGO Standards of Excellence Tool is coming soon!

The NGO Standards of Excellence Tool is a universal set of standards that can help non-government organisations (NGOs) offering human services. It will give your business robust, client-centred operations to deliver efficient, high quality and innovative programs and services.

There are 10 standards, with six relating to clients and four on corporate governance. Each has three levels of attainment – ‘emerging’, ‘mature’ and ‘excelling’ – all with specific indicators for you to systematically assess your performance and progress when you have achieved the indicators for one level.

To test your performance against the standards, we have an online self-assessment tool. It will also help you:

    • identify areas for improvement
    • compare your results against the sector average for each standard.

The NGO Capability Building Tool was co-designed by NSW Government and NGO representatives on the Social Innovation Council. Online design by Australian Survey Research Group Ptd Ltd © NSW government. Agencies or organisations wishing to adapt the NGO Capability Building Tool for use in their sector should contact This version is modified by and managed independently by Fams.



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