Training Opportunities

Fams is pleased to partner with the Governance Institute of Australia and CCWT to offer access to training opportunities:

Reports – Governance Through a Crisis and Others

Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board

CPD HOURS –   3.5                           COST (INC GST) – $485.00
DELIVERY – Online                           ACCESS – Online access for 30 days from purchase

This practical half-day course provides participants with a sound knowledge of officer and director duties as well as the skills required to participate effectively in a Not-for-Profit (NFP) board or management committee. This informative half-day course provides participants with:

  • a sound knowledge of the core duties and legal responsibilities that apply to officers and directors in the NFP sector and the issues that affect them
  • detailed knowledge of the roles and activities of a board of directors or management committee
  • an understanding of the challenges faced in achieving good governance practice in the NFP sector
  • strategies for implementing governance within your organisation.

Supported by a suite of resources, this course is recommended for all professionals looking to consolidate their corporate governance knowledge in the NFP sector. It is particularly designed to strengthen the knowledge and capabilities of those who interact with boards.



Governance Essentials

CPD HOURS –   3.5                           COST (INC GST) – $485.00
DELIVERY – Online                           ACCESS – Online access for 30 days from purchase

This half-day course provides a concise and practical overview of the essentials of good governance across all sectors. This informative half-day course allows participants to:

  • Fast-track, deepen and/or refresh your understanding of governance essentials
  • Increase your awareness of emerging issues contributing to good governance.
  • Obtain the latest knowledge on governance to drive implementation of good practice
  • Learn about key governance initiatives in the Australian marketplace
  • Understand the role of regulators, industry bodies and government
  • Update your knowledge of key corporate governance roles and how to apply them within your organisation
  • Understand how corporate governance contributes to your organisation’s achievement of financial and strategic objectives.



Fams have partnered with CCWT to offer the following training courses to members of the Fams Network:

  • Engaging with Clients
  • Identifying and Responding to Domestic and Family Violence
  • Sexual Behaviour in Children and Young People
  • Making Effective Referrals
  • Signs of Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Withdrawal

To enrol in one of these courses please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Follow the instructions on the right hand side to create an account.
  3. The username is your email address. You must use your work email address to access these courses.
  4. Your password needs to be at least 5 digits and contain letters and numbers. If at any stage you forget this password you can use the Forgot Password feature on the home screen to reset this.
  5. Once an account has been created, you will receive an email to verify the account.  Follow the link provided to confirm.
  6. Choose the course that you would like to attend
  7. You will then be asked for an enrolment key.  The enrolment key for all courses is fams
  8. On completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion